Make Changes To My Membership Information

This option is for users who have already created an Electronic Membership on this system. If you have not yet created a new membership on this system, please use the New Membership Application.

This update comes in two parts.  First you must log into the website with the username and password you set up during your registration.  Once you login, you will be presented with the personal contact information we presently have on file for you. Check your information and make any changes necessary and click UPDATE at the bottom.

Once you are logged in, there will be an additional menu item now available to you titled "Adjust My Interest Groups".  Click this menu link to be presented with the full list of Interest Groups you can subscribe to receive invitations and info updates from.


** When you are updating your personal contact information the password field in the form will appear BLANK to protect your information.  DO NOT type anything into this field unless you wish to change your password.  Leaving it blank, will leave your password as it was.

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