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The best places for socializing are in the many smaller groups within the Newcomers Club. These groups offer members the opportunity to get to know each other while having fun participating in an activity of shared interest. We are happy to create new groups when there is sufficient interest.

You can join and manage your groups from our Membership page.

Food & Cooking

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Potluck Dining

If an informal dinner group with an element of surprise is your style, Potluck is the answer. This group meets monthly in members’ homes for an evening of socializing over great food. Guests bring a favourite dish and wine or beverage of their choice.

International Dining

Do you like food from other countries? This is the group for you! It meets monthly in members’ homes on weekends. A country-specific theme is chosen by the host (eg. Greek, Mexican, etc.) who also coordinates everyone’s contributions. Members bring their dish and wine or beverage of choice.

Vegan Potluck

This Group meets monthly in members’ homes for a delicious Vegan pot luck dinner and evening of socializing. Guests bring a Vegan dish and their choice of beverage.

Food and Fun

The Food and Fun Group combines a fun activity with an opportunity to share food together. The Group meets at irregular intervals as the opportunity presents itself.

Outdoor Activities

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Hiking, Biking, Snowshoeing

This group meets on Wednesday mornings throughout the year for 1-2 hours of varied exercise and ends at a local café for refreshment and socializing. Depending on the season and weather, this activity may be hiking, biking or snowshoeing. 

“Hard” Hiking 

This group is for members looking for more challenging hikes, bike rides or snowshoe activities. The activities typically last 2-4 hours.


This group will meet once a month to paddle on local lakes and waterways. All ability levels are welcome. For those without a kayak, some events will be scheduled on Aylesford Lake where kayaks can be rented or loaned for free.

This group is for everybody with an interest in gardening - whether it be growing food or flowers, discussing gardening goals or methods, or networking about local gardening information. Depending on people's interests, monthly meetings may include casual social gatherings, information exchanges on specific topics, and/or garden tours. All varieties of interest, experience and expertise are welcome - from container gardening on your balcony to maintaining, restoring or renovating your new property's gardens.

Book Club

The Book Discussion Group meets once a month from September to May on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Members take turns hosting the discussions at their homes.

Film Club

This group usually meets monthly to watch a movie, either live or streamed, and discuss it afterwards. Whenever possible the discussion will be accompanied by refreshments.


The group meets twice a month to play contract bridge in members’ homes. They play in an informal and relaxed setting with a focus on learning and socializing. New players are welcome.


Can you add to 31? Join us for an evening of Cribbage, a card game first played in the 17th century.  The game has relatively few rules yet yields endless subtleties during play, which accounts for its ongoing appeal and popularity.  It is easy to learn, fun to play, and in all honesty quite addictive.  We will meet once a month for fun, socializing, and Cribbage. 


The group meets monthly at members’ homes for friendly (not too competitive) games of Scrabble and socializing.


Many people have a needlework hobby whether knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, rug hooking and quilting. This group meets every two weeks in members’ homes for an afternoon of socializing and refreshments to work on their projects. 

How To...

If you've always wanted to learn something new, here's your chance. The 'How To' group will share various skills and/or knowledge once a month. These skills may include beekeeping, foraging, auto repair, canning, life hacks, or mental health, just to name a few. Instruct, attend, or do both. It's up to you.

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