We welcome new members and membership is open to anyone wishing to make new friends in and around Wolfville. You don’t have to be new to the area to join – some of our members have lived here for many years.

Effective September 1, 2021 membership dues of $25 per year and $10 for short-term members will be in effect.

Many people join the club after coming to one of our monthly meetings where they have the opportunity to meet some of our members and learn more about our activities.

You may join the club or renew your membership by completing the information below (* denotes a required field).

Or you may download and complete the registration form here WANC Regn form, 2022-06

Members must reside in either Kings County or Hants County, Nova Scotia to be eligible for membership. 

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    In becoming a member of this Club, I assume any risk, and take full responsibility and waive any claims of personal injury, death or damage to personal property associated with the activities and events organized by the Wolfville and Area Newcomers’ Club.

    Personal Information
    The Federal Personal Information and Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) came into effect in January 2004. The personal information collected by the Club is used only for Club purposes; such as distribution of newsletters and directory of members, announcements of events, Evites to meetings and/or events, and general club communication. The Club does not sell, disseminate or otherwise provide your personal information to other entities.

    Personal Use
    You agree that you will not use Members’ information or the Club information provided to you for any purpose other than to achieve the goals of the Club. Members and Club information is not to be used for commercial gain, any form of advertising or marketing, or distribution to third parties. It is the duty of all members to report such irregularities to the Executive immediately and any misuse of Club or members’ information may lead to expulsion.

    Club use of Images
    With today’s technology, it is almost certain that photos will be taken at Club events. You agree that the onus is on you to leave a photo opportunity if you do not want your photo taken or published on the Club’s website, Club’s social network (e.g. Facebook) or any means used by the Club to promote the club and its activities. The Club agrees, where possible, to remove your photo, or request that your photo be removed, should you have been unaware that photos were taken at an event.

    Members’ Use of Images
    I understand that the social media has become pervasive. I agree that when I have taken photos at Club events for personal use and/or personal social network, that I will honour a member’s request to remove their photos from my social network and/or the public view. I will treat members with respect, just as I expect to be treated with respect. I agree that no one person wants to be portrayed in an unflattering or disrespectful manner.

    Membership Revocation
    The Club Executive reserves the right to revoke a membership at any time, without compensation.

    Check here to acknowledge your acceptance of these terms

    Registrants may pay their membership fees by several methods.

    By sending an e-transfer to    wancmemberpay@outlook.com

    By presenting  cash, or debit/credit card (contactless) at the next monthly meeting