Interest Groups

The Newcomers Club has a selection of interest groups that have been formed to give members the opportunity to get to know each other and participate in an activity they enjoy. The groups are fluid and change as demand requires.

  • Book Club

The Book Discussion Group meets once a month from September to May on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Members take turns hosting the discussions at their homes.

  • Potluck Dining

This Group offers the opportunity to meet in members’ homes once a month for a delicious pot luck dinner and evening of socializing. This is another great opportunity for singles and couples to get to know each other. Guests bring a dish of their choice and their choice of beverage.

  • International Dining

If you enjoy cooking and like to experiment with a variety of foods and cooking styles, this is the Group for you. Dinners take place approximately once a month on Friday, Saturday or Sunday at the homes of members. Members (singles and couples) prepare a dish that will complement the meal’s theme, and ensure it is ready to be presented at the appropriate time during the meal. Members also bring wine, or a beverage of their choice.

  • Needlework

This group is for anyone interested in any type of needlework. This is a great opportunity to spend an afternoon socializing and working on a favourite project. The Group meets every 2 weeks with 16-30 people coming each week. Each person brings whatever type of project they are working on; knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, rug hooking and quilting to name a few.

  • Hiking, Biking, Snowshoeing

The Group meets on Wednesday mornings to ride trails that are almost without motor traffic (e.g. Rails to Trails, or dykelands). The rides are in the range of 10 to 25 kilometers. In winter, we switch to snowshoes or boots or, if the weather is really bad, a brisk walk on the Acadia indoor track. After the exercise, we meet at a local coffee shop or cafe to snack and socialize. The group has between 10 and 20 regular attendees and continues through the summer.

  • “Hard” Hiking 

This group meets irregularly to do more challenging hikes and bike rides than the off-road cycling group. A typical hike would be to Cape Split (13 kms).

  • Bridge

The Bridge Interest Group is an active and engaged group who get together twice a month at members’ homes to enjoy the game of bridge. Players range in skill and experience and new players are always welcome. The Group plays contract bridge in an informal and relaxed setting with a focus on learning and socializing.

  • Scrabble

This group is for people interested in a friendly (ie. not too competitive)  game of scrabble.  The group meets at 7:00 PM on the 4th Tuesday of every month at various members/ houses

  • Food and Fun

The Food and Fun Group marries fun activities with an opportunity to share food together. The Group meets at irregular intervals as the opportunity presents itself.

  •   Vegan Potluck

This Group offers the opportunity to meet in members’ homes once a month for a delicious Vegan pot luck dinner and evening of socializing. This is another great opportunity for singles and couples to get to know each other. Guests bring a Vegan dish of their choice and their choice of beverage.

  •   Discussion Group

Facilitated discussions of 1-2 hours length will be conducted, which may be about scientific or of any other topics suggested by members. (They will be conducted via Zoom during the pandemic.) The object is for participants to learn about new or significant issues, to explore their significance and ramifications in terms of public policy.  The task of the facilitator is to encourage non-experts to get up to speed on the topic and to promote friendly discussion.  The topics for discussions will be determined.


The Film Group will meet at least once a month to go watch a film.  After the film, the group will sit down together, hopefully somewhere with refreshments, to discuss what it has seen.  Every discussion session will be moderated by the person who suggested the film, or by someone chosen in the previous month to research the next film. The group might attend movies that are scheduled at the Al Whittle or at the Cineplex in New Minas.  There is also the possibility of renting the upstairs studio at the Whittle to watch any movie of our choice.  Costs will be the cost of a ticket to either cinema or the cost of the studio rental ($50 plus HST) spread amongst those present.


Mah Jongg is a Chinese game of strategy, knowledge and luck. Traditionally it was a tile-based game played by four people sitting together, each having for reference a copy of a common information card that provides specific patterns that the players attempt to duplicate with the tiles they were dealt and/or with additional tiles they receive either strategically or automatically. Currently, the information cards are updated annually so the challenge doesn’t become stale.

Although it may be slightly daunting to absorb the rules and become adept, once one is comfortable, MJ is fun and challenging to play with the added benefits of social interaction and brain exercise.

For those who are not familiar with the game, the rules will be explained.  There is an excellent online version that makes it possible for friends to play from the comfort of their own homes while using a built-in audio feed so the usual conversational and social aspects of playing can be enjoyed. The on-line version is very user friendly.



For anyone with access to a kayak, and a way to transport it, this could be a fun activity for you.  Kayaking will be on local lakes and waterways once or twice a week.  Participants need a kayak, life jacket, whistle, bailer, paddle and a sense of adventure.  All ability levels are welcome.  The most difficult part of kayaking is lifting your body out of the kayak — but the paddling is surprisingly easy.   For those without a kayak, periodically events will be scheduled on Aylesford Lake where kayaks can be rented or loaned for free.